Oregairu Interview: Sakura Ayane reveals her ideal husband?! “I resonate with Hachiman’s despair”

Look, I’m gonna be honest here, I was reluctant to even translate the full headline and only include the Hachiman part it because it was really clickbait-y. No, I didn’t put that myself, the headline was literally clickbait. I’ll tell you know, if you’re here to learn about what Ayaneru’s ideal husband is like, I’m sorry but you’re gonna be disappointed (she says like one line), but I was like whatever I’ll include the whole thing, but I’ll tell you now, it’s a short interview. Hope you guys enjoys at least. Really looking forward to the adaptation Oregairu’s conclusion. All girls are the best and I mean EVERY girl in the show (and Totsuka). Thanks for reading again.

Could you please tell us your impressions of Oregairu?

Ayaneru: You know, I was pretty amazed when I read the script during the scenes where Iroha would do those rapid fire monologue like retorts. When I think about it, that girl doesn’t hold back on anyone, even herself. 

Are there any places you would like to visit in Chiba (the place where Oregairu is set)?

Ayaneru: Because of this show’s influence, when you think about Chiba, you just can’t help but think about ‘Oregairu’. I’ve been to Makuhari Messe before for work purposes, so, I’d like to stroll around the Kaihin Makuhari Station area someday. Also, you know when Hachiman and Iroha went to that ramen shop? I’d love to try out Naritake too! 

What are the post-recording sessions like? 

Ayaneru: 5 years have passed since the last one, but to be honest, it doesn’t really feel like it. Although, we’ve grown in the last 5 years. I thought that my lines were so fast because it’s been a while since I played this character. But, like all fast talking characters in this show, to be honest, Watari-sensei (Oregairu’s author) also talks fast like them. Everytime Watari-sensei comes to the studio to direct us, I find myself thinking “What would Watari-sensei do? What speed would he be at”?

Could you briefly describe to us what Iroha is like?

Ayaneru: That’s going to be a challenge… Last time I checked, light novel characters were pretty easy to describe but this is different… Whenever a character is introduced in Oregairu, it seems like everyone wants to break down and perceive what that character is like as a person. Especially in Oregairu Kan, each and every character’s monologues are intricately depicted in accordance with that character’s personality and nature. Like, at the start of the story, Yukino-san was easily established as the ‘cool beauty’. But now, cool beauty alone can’t be words that can describe her, she’s not like that anymore. As for Iroha, she was seen as the cunning and clever girl when she was introduced, but with the kind of person she’s become in Oregairu Kan, I feel that those words wouldn’t do her any justice in the end. 

Supposedly, if Hachiman did exist, what kind of relationship do you think you’d have with him? 

Ayaneru: If for some reason, I happen to meet him outside of school and I (for some reason) had no other choice but be forced to talk to him, I have a hunch that we’d develop some kind of special connection. I feel that his despair and dark past resonates within me (laughs). 

Is that what you like in a man?

-Ayaneru: Someone who is willing. As long as it’s not some hot blooded light novel protagonist (laughs). Someone who can become more of a husband material rather than being just an ‘ideal’ boyfriend. 

Lastly, a message to all your fans.

-Ayaneru: To the people who are looking forward to Oregairu Kan, from the mood that this work is trying to convey, to the tempo of the conversations and through each character’s choice of words, I feel that you’ll immediately fall in love with Oregairu. Even for just a bit, if you’d like, I’d be happy if you could watch it from the very start. For everyone who has been with us from the very start who have been eagerly waiting for the long awaited conclusion, I’d appreciate it if you would bear with us ‘till the very end.


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